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To work in collaboration with NGOs around the world focused on sanitation and clean water projects, to bring every person clean, safe water access



A short video from our partners in Nepal. A little really does go a long way! 1 Filter will provide up to 100 people clean water access for 5+ Years.


Each filter will provide clean water access for up to 100 people for 5+ years


Our team serves communities around the world that have experienced recent natural disasters and have no access to clean, safe water for drinking and hygiene. 

The filtration systems we distribute are transportable to even the most remote places, with simple installation and education.

We are currently seeking funding to take trips of transporting 500 or more filters over 2 weeks, as well as ultimately collaborating with local NGOs in each region to install the filtration systems. This is not only for sustainability, but also empowering local leaders will allow us to enter communities more respectfully.  

We do this work to save lives of children who do not have the immune systems yet to fight off waterborne illnesses, and to create a better quality of life for families living in poverty.


POINTone water filter bucket system small


As simple as it gets. No more digging wells if there is a water source, no constructing sand filters and no more purification chemicals. Communities are able to construct and adapt their filter in literally minutes to locally found containers.

  1. Obtain a clean bucket or plastic container
  2. Use the hole cutter to drill a hole 1.5 inches from the bottom of the bucket (you can do this by hand).
  3. Screw the connector, hose and filter onto the bucket.
  4. Fill the bucket with water from any source, lower the filter head below the water line, and let gravity do the rest.

More on the PointONE water filter

MAP of filter projects around the world (Sawyer fitlers)



Now you can help be apart of ending water scarcity around the world. Take water filters with you on your next trip abroad. 

TRAVELERS 4 CLEAN WATER Volunteer program.

On your next trip you could bring 1,000 people clean water by simply packing 10 small water filters with your luggage and purchase plastic buckets once you have reached your destination.

Working with our team + other NGOs working in our field, we will help you acquire as many filtration systems as you are capable of transporting, and develop a strategy for distribution.

It is always best to identify leaders in each community and have them take the lead on distribution of filters and education of how they function.

Purchase filters to take with you on your next trip
(bucket not included)

For each filter purchased our distributor Sawyer Products will donate a filter to Kite 4 Water for our humanitarian work.

Thank you for your support in ending clean water scarcity around the world.

If you cannot distribute the filters yourself, we will help you find a local organization that will!

To learn about other NGOs working on projects around the world, and educating yourself on what we are all capable of visit


We will help you make contact with these community leaders to help you with your project. 

If you want to make a bigger impact contact us 

  • Start  your own fundraisers in your local communities
  • AND identify leaders in each community + new regions that could benefit from this movement.

There are a million ways to help expand this amazing cause.

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