In the past two years Fiji has been devastated by two category 5 Hurricanes. The country is still rebuilding. Even before these events, it is estimated that nearly half of the country’s population, over 450,000 people, do not have access to clean SAFE water.

The opportunity: To bring sustainable clean water to every single family in Fiji. 

There has been a generous donation of 100,000 filtration systems that will bring clean water to every single family in Fiji.

Now we only need to raise a fraction of the funds to reach the entire country!

We will work in collaboration with GIVE CLEAN WATER (GCW).  Their team has led the way in Fiji since 2008 and we are working with them to learn everything they have accomplished in their sustainability efforts.  

What can you do to help?


Every $25 will provide up to 100 people

clean water access for 5+ years



To complete this exciting initiative, we need significantly less financial support than before given the recent donation of filters ($3,400,000 value). Your donation will help bring an entire country clean water.  That’s real value.
We are working in collaboration with other NGOs as well as the Fijian Government to complete, distribute, and educate the public on use of the water filtration systems.
This is a great opportunity to get involved directly and possibly get your company involved as well.  
Here are some options for sponsorships.  
  1. One time donation or monthly sponsorship
    1. Your name or logo will be featured on display at our fundraisers, on our website and social Media, and all video/photo documentaries and promotional media that comes from projects you contributed to.
  2. Donate Sports/Kite/Surf Equipment
    1. Our project would use equipment you provide to give to children as we do our work with the water filters.
    2. We would give prominent publicity of donated equipment in all our promotional material that comes from the video + photo documentary of our work.
  3. Ongoing corporate sponsorship
    1. Yearly sponsorship – Companies choose to be a full or partial sponsor of our team to support project development, transportation, and operating costs.
    2. Project sponsorship – companies can sponsor entire villages, even regions of a country, to bring families clean water access.  One filter = a family’s lifetime of clean water.
  4. Sports Companies – Athletes taking Action!
    1. A Kite4Water program to get professional [extreme] sports athletes around the world involved directly with the humanitarian work, and promote their participation to their fans to help spread awareness.
    2. Athletes can help distribute filters as they travel, or start projects in their home countries. Kite4Water will help athletes with operations and coordination.
We are also open to other types of sponsorship, whatever you might have in mind.
Other NGO’s are using this filter technology and distribution techniques in 70 different countries around the world to bring MILLIONS of families clean water access.  
Please join us in helping to spread this amazing cause and combat the global clean water crisis.
Please consider sharing our message with your friends, family, and team at work, even if you cannot donate at this time.
You never know who you may inspire to join the cause, just by simply forwarding this message.