Working with our team + other local NGOs, we will help volunteers acquire as many filtration systems as capable of transporting, and develop a strategy for distribution.
We ensure that volunteers identify leaders in each community and have them take the lead on distribution of filters and education of how they function. This will help us to identify new opportunities and potential partners to work with in other countries we have not travel to yet. It is also about entering new communities respectfully.

On one trip a volunteer could bring 1,000 people clean water by simply packing 10 small water filters with their luggage and purchasing plastic buckets once you have reached your destination.
For each filter purchased for volunteers our distributor Sawyer Products will donate a filter for our ongoing humanitarian projects.

If volunteers cannot distribute the filters themselves, we will help to identify a local NGO that can collect the filters and distribute for them. This is only possible if a group is already working in the area the volunteer is traveling to.
When traveling you can even help us identifying new regions that could benefit from this movement, even they do not have filters to distribute. We can always go back.



Volunteers can make an even bigger impact!

Start a Project/ fundraiser
Are you a creator and an organizer? Get your local community involved today!
There are so many ways to contribute to the cause, whether you just talk to some friends about getting involved, or holding a full on fundraiser party to raise money AND awarenes!

Use your entrepreneurial skills to help those in need and start your own CLEAN WATER project.
We will do what anything we can to help you!
Contact our team today!

Any exceptional writers interested in writing about their experiences with us?
We are looking for you and any passionate society member to submit their stuff to us, whether articles, interviews, or art AND for people to submit them to those media sources so more people can find out about us, the filter technology and distribution techniques changing millions of people’s lives!

Share our Story

Sharing our story on Twitter, Facebook, or by any source of social media platform, will help us get supporters to contribute towards this fantastic cause.

Join the movement in providing water for all with just a few clicks.
Majority of people have not even heard of hollow fiber membrane filters yet, last 1,000,000 gallons. That alone will grab people’s attention.

Kite4Water is apart of a global movement of NGOs working in over 70 countries around the world, contribute to ending water scarcity around the world. Volunteers get to join this movement, and learn how easy it is to make a monumental impact on a community. Providing clean, safe water access.