Kite4Water Strategic Plan:


The communities we currently work in not only suffer from lack of access to clean water, but have also been devastated by natural disasters.


We are not the first responders in natural disaster situations, but instead will leverage our local relationships to help regions devastated by natural disasters rebuild in the long term.


In the past two years Fiji has been devastated by TWO CAT 5 Hurricanes.

The country is still rebuilding. Even before these events, it is estimated that nearly half of the country’s population does not have access to clean SAFE water.


Our Mission: to work in collaboration with NGOs focused on hygiene, sanitation and clean water projects, to bring every person clean, safe water access.


We work in regions of the country where communities have access to water, but it is unsafe to drink or use for hygiene purposes.


Our tools are advanced portable hollow fiber membrane filtration systems, which have lifespans of 1,000,000 gallons.


ONE filter has the potential to bring a family household 20+ years of clean water, the technology is so new, we do not know exactly how long a filter will last.


In disaster relief situations each filter can yield 500+ gallons of water per day.


These are solutions we can implement NOW, not 6 months or 1 year from now.


Our Team Members are traveling to the southern shore near the Sigatoka and Rewa Rivers to rally NGOs, businesses, and Fijian community leaders around a monumental project: To bring sustainable, clean water access to the entire country.


450,000+ Fijians


We are primarily working in collaboration with GIVE CLEAN WATER (GCW).

Their team has lead the way in Fiji since 2008 and we are working with them to learn everything they have accomplished in their work and sustainability efforts.


There has been 100,000 filters donated to GCW in order to reach households and villages across every island in the country. They are enlisting our help along with other NGOs, individuals and Fiji’s Ministry of Health.


To complete this exciting initiative, we need significantly less financial support than before given the recent donation of filters ($3,400,000 of filters).




We will enlist the help of leaders of each community we visit, to head each project, distribution of filters, and ensure the sustainability of our work.


These local leaders will ensure these filters are used and maintained properly for the many years they can last.  


This strategy of working with local leaders has been proven by other NGOs.

This is the best practice, not only for sustainability but also entering communities respectfully, letting the local people communicate the importance of the filters to their own.  


With this work, we cannot just drop off filtration systems and do a simple training for families or communities, there has to be follow-up visits to every single filter installed, to ensure that the systems are being used and maintained properly.


This is a collaboration of NGOs as well as the Fijian Government to complete, distribute, and educate the public on use of the water filtration systems.


As we work on the main island we will use the photos and videos of the filter solutions and interviews of Fijians to rally support and funding around this cause.

The long-term goal is to raise enough funds to reach the most remote parts of Fiji.  


In Fiji, we are learning about sustainability and the GIS tracking of filters, as a means of sustainability and keeping track of where every single filter is distributed.


This is vital in areas that we plan to do work over several years, such as Fiji and Nepal.  While local leaders will head projects in communities, there will still be families living in more remote areas.  We must keep track of every filter distributed, and ensure that a trained local in each community ensures filters are being used properly and maintained.


Our mission is to locate those households without clean, safe water.

Over half of the population of Fiji does not have clean water.



14 Day trip to distribute 500 filter systems

Potential impact, up to 50,000 Fijians


Distribution Costs based on region + difficulty of access


Filters (including shipping)= $10,000

Plastic Buckets to complete filtration systemf $5-7 each (x500) = $2500-$3500

Flight to region (Round trip $600- $1,500)

4×4 rental truck ($90 per day) X 14 Days = $1,260  (Gas = $500)

Food + lodging for staff ($100 per day) X 14 Days = $1,400

Payment for 1 staff (includes project development prior to trip) ($2000/ 14 days)

Payment for locals hired ($50 per day x 14 days = $700)

(includes: translating, in country strategy, identifying NEW communities

in need, and establishing new leaders in each community)


Adaptive Reserve funds for any situations we encounter that

would make access or distribution more difficult. Any reserve

funds not used, these funds carry over to the next trip ($3000)



Filters $10,000

Plastic Buckets $2500-$3500

Flight $600-$1,500

4×4 truck $1,260

Gas $500

food + lodging $1,400

Staff $2,000

Hired locals $700

Reserve funds $3000

TOTAL $21,960